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Windshield Washer & Deicer Concentrate Bulk (Haz)

Windshield Washer & Deicer Concentrate Bulk (Haz)

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This is not your average windshield defroster. This methanol based windshield cleaner can be used undiluted in the winter as a powerful de-icer, or as a windshield cleaner when properly diluted. Fast-acting ingredients eliminate time spent waiting for your windshield to defrost in the winter, allowing you to be on your way quickly. When spring arrives, use this product as an effective windshield cleaner in place of a traditional windshield wiper fluid. Use on buses, trucks, or cars for a safer commute.

  • DUAL-PURPOSE WINDSHIELD CLEANER/DEFROSTER. Use this product undiluted in the winter to clear thick layers of snow and ice, or use it diluted throughout the year as a powerful windshield cleaner. 
  • INCREASES VISIBILITY YEAR-ROUND. Get rid of frost, ice, snow, salt residue, dirt, grime, streaks, and bug residue, no matter what time of year it is. 
  • CLEARS THICK LAYERS OF ICE. Put down the ice pick. This windshield formula breaks down thick ice and snow buildup quickly so you can start your morning commute. 
  • METHANOL-BASED FORMULA. Windshield Washer & Deicer is a concentrated methanol-based product. Because it's highly concentrated, it cuts through snow and ice with ease.




Poor visibility is just one of the many dangers of driving in winter weather. This methanol based windshield de-icer powers through thick build up of ice and snow and clears lingering frost for better visibility.


Powerful ingredients

The concentrated formula of this product provides extra strength for breaking through thick layers of ice and snow. Methanol is more potent than other deicing agents such as isopropanol, which makes it stronger and more efficient.

Fast-acting formula

Methanol is a powerful agent that alters the freezing point of precipitation, causing it to melt faster. With this product you won’t have to wait for your car to heat up to defrost your windshield, just let the methanol concentrate work its magic and be on your way.


Easy to use and apply

Put down the ice pick and let this windshield de-icer do the work for you. Apply a generous amount to your windshield in place of scrapping or chipping away at packed on buildup and watch the ice melt away.

Use it year-round

Winter isn't the only time that your windshield needs to be clean. This concentrate can be diluted to function as a traditional windshield cleaner to clear away dirt, streaks, bugs, and more.


For summer use, add 12 ounces of this deicer concentrate to water. For winter use, adjust dilution levels to temperatures in your local area. (See chart below)



Temperature (F°)

Parts of Concentrate

Parts of Water



















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