Windshield Deicer Spray- Melts Snow, frost and Ice on contact, on locks and windshields- 12 Can Case

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Windshield Deicer Spray remove snow, ice and frost from windshields with less hassle with this convenient aerosol. This aerosol instantly lowers the freezing point of water to quickly melt away snow and ice from a variety of vehicle surfaces including mirrors, locks and door handles. In addition, it can also be used as a defogger for inside windows.

Use on:
Windshields,  Wiper Blades,  Mirrors
Inside Car Windows,  Trunk Locks,  Door Locks
Door Handles,  Door Creases,  Headlights

Features and Benefits
Provides better visibility for safer driving.
Quickly penetrates ice and snow.
Prevents ice and frost from reforming.
Defogs inside car windows.

Directions Complete directions on product label
Spray directly onto snow, frost or ice.