Ultra Line - 33% High Solids Floor Finish

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Highlight your floors with a top-notch finisher and sealer.

  • Requires fewer coats than conventional products
  • Low sensitivity to humidity
  • Excellent dry-brite gloss and durability
  • Scuff and scratch resistance and gloss
  • Excellent gloss retention
  • Patented polymer technology

Introducing ULTRA LINE 33 Floor Finisher and Sealer.

Our 33% solid acrylic product requires half the coats of traditional floor finishers and sealers, and your floors will shine twice as bright. In just a few hours, you’ll have durable and scratch-resistant floors with an radiant finish. 

Where to use: Resilient floors, highly visible areas, supermarkets, office building, schools

Great for: Terrazzo, vinyl, tile, rubber, concrete, asbestos tile, linoleum, stone, sealed wood and others

Directions for use: ULTRA LINE 33’s glossy coat holds up strong against foot traffic. No more scuffs or scratches. For best results: Apply coats thin and evenly. Use a different mop for striping, mopping and finishing. Use two (2) coats on older floors; four (4) coats on new unsealed floors.

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