Ultra Line - 33% High Solids Floor Finish

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Enjoy a top-notch, strong, radiant floor finisher & sealer.

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  • Requires half as many coats than conventional products
  • Low sensitivity to humidity
  • Uses patented polymer technology
  • Excellent dry-brite gloss retention
  • Scuff and scratch-resistant
  • Durable enough to hold up against massive foot traffic

Your floors are worth fighting for. Eliminate ugly scratches, scuff marks, and old layers of wax by using Ultra Line 33 High Solids Sealer & Finish. This 33% solid content floor sealer/finish will add a durable layer to your flooring that stands up strong to foot traffic. Also, Ultra Line will give your floors a luxurious shine that you haven’t seen in quite some time. Ultra Line requires just half the number of coats as a traditional floor finish, and your floors will shine twice as bright. In just a few hours you can get results that are twice as amazing, in just half the time. How’s that for a solid finish?

Use Ultra Line on:

terrazzo floorTerrazzo
vinyl floorVinyl
tiled floorTile
rubber floorRubber
concrete floorConcrete
asbestos tileAsbestos Tile
linoleum floorsLinoleum
stone floorsStone
wood floorsSealed Wood

Perfect For Floors in:

school buildingsSchool Buildings
office buildingsOffice Buildings
restaurant floorsRestaurants
residential floorsResidential Households
hospital floorsHospitals


floor stripping

blotchy wood floorBlotchiness

Dirt can merge with your flooring if the finish on it is wearing thin. If you can't mop away the dirt anymore, it's time to strip, recoat and refinish the floor.

scratches and scuffs
Scratches and Scruffs

Furniture is a floor's worst enemy. Moving tables, couches and equipment can lead to permanent scratches and tough scuffs (say that five times fast). Instead of staring at those terrible blemishes, strip your floor down and put on a stronger finish.


Did you know that UV light can have an impact on your flooring? Everything from fluorescent lights to sun rays can discolor your floors. Take a close look at your floors and see if they're discolored in areas of direct sunlight or fluorescent light.

Get your floors back on track. Order Ultra Line 33 High Solids Sealer & Finish today.


Clean, scrub and strip floor. We suggest using Ultra Line NC Stripper to strip your floor's old coating and we suggest using Citra Blast to effectively clean your floor. The floor should be completely dry before applying Ultra Line. Test inconspicuous area to ensure there is no negative reaction or degradation of flooring. Apply thin coats of Ultra Line evenly across the surface of the floor. Use two coats on older floors; four coats on new unsealed floors. Results will vary.

Remember: Don’t dilute the product. Be sure to use a different mop of stripping, sealing, and finishing. Allow 24 hours for curing before burnishing. For superior results, use with regular maintenance.

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