TS Graffiti Wipes - 40 Count Canister

TS Graffiti Wipes - 40 Count Canister

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Remove paint and graffiti easily with Graffiti Wipes.

Our environmentally friendly wipes are made using a biodegradable soy-based formula, and they're safe to use on nearly any hard surface, whether it be a phone booth, traffic sign or a school desk. These wipes are the smart, sustainable choice for removing paint, enamel, ink, and permanent marker. If you’re ready to clean up your property and remove graffiti once and for all, order Graffiti Wipes from Factory Direct Chemicals today.

**Each order contains a 6 canister case with 40 wipes per canister.

  • REMOVES PAINT AND GRAFFITI. Use these abrasive yet non-scratching wipes to remove paint, enamel, ink, and permanent marker on common solid surfaces.
  • NON-TOXIC, BIODEGRADABLE WIPES. Our wipes are made using a soy-based formula to remain biodegradable and environmentally safe. Also, Graffiti Wipes do not contain amyl acetate or methylene chloride.
  • USEFUL ON MANY SURFACES. Graffiti Wipes are safe to use on desks, bathroom partitions, phone booths, trains, lockers, traffic signs, and other common tagged surfaces.
  • PRE-MOISTENED FOR EXTENDED USE. Wipes will stay moist for greater usage and longer shelf life. 


Wipe away ugly markings.

Erase graffiti from spray paint, ink, and permanent marker with our graffiti wipes. Non-toxic and biodegradable, these wipes make graffiti removal easy and guilt-free.

Use graffiti wipes on any hard surface.

Our graffiti wipes are safe to use on any hard surface — including brick, siding, and more. Lift away graffiti on lockers, bus stops, lamp posts, desks, trains, and similar surfaces.

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