Super Power # 1, Low Phosphate Alkaline cleaner and degreaser

Super Power # 1, Low Phosphate Alkaline cleaner and degreaser

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Super Power # 1 is a concentrated cleaner and degreaser. It combines water softeners and biodegradable low phosphate surfactants to power away heavy dirt, grease and grime. It is water soluble, non-flammable non-toxic and non-corrosive, so it can be diluted for use on a wide range of cleaning chores. It is also safe to use on any surface not damaged by water, so it has many uses in schools, kitchens, maintenance and repair shops and more.

Use on:
Vinyl, Rubber, Linoleum, Ceramic, Terrazo, Concrete, School lockers, Steel file cabinets, Bulletin boards, School walls, Lighting fixtures, Plastic, Refrigerators, School showers and pools, Rubber equipment, Skylights, Electric fans, Air conditioner and heater units, White wall tires, Metal stock, Printer presses, Heavy equipment and machinery, Oven cleaning, Brick, Flues, Canopy and ductwork, Buses and trucks, Engines, Grills and fryers, Air filters, Conveyors, Exhaust stains

Effective Against
Oil and grease, Dirt and grime, Printer’s ink, Soot and smoke

Features and Benefits
Concentrated cleaner with 6% butyl.
Low phosphate alkaline cleaner and degreaser
For use on all water-safe hard surfaces

Directions Complete directions on product label
For cleaning and degreasing- dilute 1:3- 1:30 with water. Spray, brust or mop onto surface then rinse with clean water. See label for specific use rates.
Authorizations:NSF A4: Floor and wall cleaner for use in all areas.