STICKS OF FIRE - Prevent and Avoid Drain Buildup - 8 Sticks per Pack

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Say hello to your drains new best friend! Use STICKS OF FIRE to AVOID and PREVENT disgusting drain buildup with ease!


Sticks of Fire are ULTRA concentrated for highly effective and powerful cleaning deodorizing of household drain lines.

Sticks of Fire gets inserted into the pipe trap to slowly release a powerful blend of enzymes to digest and liquefy food, grease, soup scum, sludge, and other organic matter that tend to clog drain lines. 

Sticks of Fire are safe to use in all sinks, tubs, and showers and are beneficial for septic tanks. 

Sticks of Fire
  • Fast acting high-heat formula breaks down grease, fats, oils, soap scum, food, and organic build-up that causes clogs. 
  • 100% Septic safe!
  • Eliminates and prevents foul odors
  • Excellent for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms
  • Keeps drains free flowing and odor free
  • Simply drop 1 strip in each drain every month.

Avoid Disgusting Buildup Sticks of Fire Info 

Simply drop 1 strip in each drain every month!

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