FDC™ Sodium Percarbonate | Dry Hydrogen Peroxide
FDC™ Sodium Percarbonate | Dry Hydrogen Peroxide
FDC™ Sodium Percarbonate | Dry Hydrogen Peroxide
FDC™ Sodium Percarbonate | Dry Hydrogen Peroxide
FDC™ Sodium Percarbonate | Dry Hydrogen Peroxide
FDC™ Sodium Percarbonate | Dry Hydrogen Peroxide
FDC™ Sodium Percarbonate | Dry Hydrogen Peroxide
FDC™ Sodium Percarbonate | Dry Hydrogen Peroxide

FDC™ Sodium Percarbonate | Dry Hydrogen Peroxide

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Boost Laundry Detergent With The Power of Oxygen Bleach

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Sodium Percarbonate is the ultimate solution for a variety of cleaning issues: from brightening laundry to removing mildew from tile. Sodium Percarbonate is a wonder chemical! Create your own cleaner that’s safer, stronger, and more effective than any pre-made product on the shelves.

Say sayonara to stains on synthetic carpets, fabrics and upholstery. No need for multiple treatments or expensive pre-spotters. Sodium Percarbonate eliminates the need for harsh chemicals and corrosive products, just add hot water and Sodium Percabonate.

Additionally, Sodium Percarbonate is excellent for removing organic stains (such as coffee, tea, wine, fruit juices, foods, sauces, grass, pet stains, and blood) from plastics, fiberglass, porcelain, ceramics, asphalt, concrete, etc.

  • Breaks down in water to only oxygen, water and sodium carbonate (soda ash)
  • Brightens colors and prevents fabrics from yellowing or darkening
  • Removes stains, deodorizes and whitens clothing in laundry
  • Can be used as a pre-soak for heavily stained articles of clothing
  • Effectively removes stains on a variety of surfaces

Boost laundry detergent.

laundry booster oxygen bleach

Did your favorite yellow dress go from bright to bland? Did your white clothing fade to a yellow tint? Sodium Percarbonate brightens colors and prevents fabrics from yellowing or darkening and is color safe.

Sodium Percarbonate releases hydrogen peroxide and soda ash thus increasing the pH of the water to about 11 and helping to break down tough stains. Alkaline substances like washing soda (sodium percarbonate) are great at cleaning oils, fats and proteins. It’s best to use this chemical with very hot water, so it becomes active and starts doing it’s job. Sodium percarbonate is also sold as an oxygen bleach and can be found in Oxi-Clean and Clorox products.

urine stain removalStain Removal

The best way to remove oxidizable stains is through oxidizing agents like sodium percarbonate. They gain electrons to create the new product, thus becoming more negative and effectively taking out the stain. For dealing with urine spots, the carbonate part of the equation gives surfactancy (foaminess that clings and sticks). The other part, (hydrogen peroxide) gives oxidation (sanitation, bleaching, deodorizing). This makes it perfect for attacking stains in any fabric.

deck bleaching and cleaning

Deck Cleaning

The effects of using regular bleach on wood causes damage by breaking down the polymers that hold the wood together. Instead of using bleach, try using Sodium Percarbonate. It it way more environmentally friendly than bleach, nonflammable, biodegradable and can help eliminate stains just as effective. With a strong hydrogen peroxide base, you can ensure a thorough sanitized surface. After using Sodium Percarbonate, we suggest using Oxalic Acid to finish bleaching the deck. 

all purpose cleanerAll-Purpose Cleaners

Oxygen bleach will help to de-contaminate bacteria, mold, stains, and helps to deodorize. You can spray the areas, leave on for 15 minutes and then scrub or you can make it into a paste. Being that Sodium Percarbonate is very alkaline, it helps to attack stains and messes of all types. 

deodorize garbage cans

Deodorize Garbage Cans

Sodium Percarbonate when mixed with very hot water releases hydrogen peroxide and soda ash (sodium carbonate). Each work together in creating a high alkaline state, thus attacking smells by creating a harsh environment for nasty smells and messes. 

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