Orange Drain Cleaner - 50% D-LIMONENE

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Orange Drain Cleaner- 50% d-limonene allows you to remove clogs, as well as maintain and deodorize drains and grease traps. Formulated with the all-natural orange peel extract d-Limonene, this product easily cuts through heavy grease and grime. It also deodorizes as it cleans, leaving behind the pleasant fragrance of fresh oranges. Non-corrosive, safe to use on most pipes, and can also be safely used to deodorize septic tanks.

Ideal for Use In
• Bathroom Drains
• Sinks
• Floor Drains
• Slow Drains
• Septic Tanks
• Wet Wells
• Drain Fields
• Grease Traps

Effective Against
• Greasy Build-Up
• Organic Debris
• Fatty Deposits
• Odors

Features and Benefits
• Formulated with a blend of 50% d-Limonene, grease-stripping solvents and emulsifying agents
• Excellent alternative to hazardous acid or caustic drain cleaners
• Will not disrupt bacterial action
• Regular applications keep drains clog-free

Directions Complete directions on product label
For clogged or slow drains: add one pint to drain and wait 30 minutes before flushing.
To maintain drains, add 4 ounces to each drain weekly.
To clean grease traps, add one gallon directly to trap or pour into nearest sink.
To deodorize septic systems and improve drainage, add ½ -- 1 gallon directly to tank and distribution box.