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Concrete, metal, wood and tile
A tough as nails cleaner with a citrus scent

CITRUS CRYSTALS Powdered Orange Cleaner & Degreaser

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A tough-as-nails cleaner with a heavenly citrus scent

Citrus Crystals

  • Cleans like a solvent without the negative environmental effects
  • Designed for industrial and institutional tasks. Use to wash motor parts, clean grease traps, clean sewer plants, dissolve tar and other applications.
  • Gives off a pleasant citrus scent, not a strong petroleum-like odor
  • No hazardous ingredients, as defined by OSHA regulations.
  • Not harmful to ferrous or non-ferrous metals

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This is the real deal. This ultra-concentrated powder cleaner and degreaser will strip grease, grime and mineral deposits from concrete floors, metal surfaces, and other washable areas.

But this isn't some toxic chemical or petroleum solvent. Our powder cleaner and degreaser is made with all-natural D-Limonene, a powerful citrus extract found in the peels of oranges. We mixed D-Limonene, special surfactants, ionic emulsifiers, and other citrus extracts together with the highest emulsification properties in mind. It’s as simple as that.

This fresh-smelling powder is perfect for industrial and institutional cleaning. Maintenance workers, mechanics, property owners, plumbers, and even crafty homeowners are discovering the awe-inspiring powers of magical multipurpose cleaner. 

How to Use:

Citrus Crystals can be used for concrete cleaning, soak tank degreasing, rug and upholstery spot remover, odor control, tub and tile cleaning, drain line maintenance, pet odor removal, grease trap cleaning, engine and motor degreasing, tire mark removal, tar and asphalt removal, and general household cleaning.

You can spay, pour or mop the solution onto any surface that you're cleaning, let sit for a few minutes in order to deeply penetrate tough grease, oil & grime. Then rinse with clean water.


Light Cleaning: Dissolve 2 to 4 oz into each gallon of water. 

Medium Cleaning: Dissolve 6 to 8 oz into each gallon of water. 

Heavy Duty: Dissolve 8 to 16 oz into each gallon of water. 

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