Orange Away, 95% D- Limonene based Cleaner and Degreaser

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Orange Away contains all natural d-limonene, which is derived from orange peel extracts. This product will remove heavy duty buildup from a variety of surfaces.

Ideal for Use On
Garbage Cans, In Parts Washers, Dumpsters

Effective Against
Tar Accumulations, Gum, Wax, Oil Stains, Dirt and Grime, Grease deposits

Features and Benefits
Leaves behind a fresh orange scent
95% d-Limonene formula
All natural, biodegradable formula uses no petroleum distillates
Made from natural orange peel extracts

Directions: Complete directions on product label
Parts washers: Use undiluted
Deodorizing dumpsters: Dilute 6 ounces into a gallon of water and spray into receptacle