Muriatic Acid Cleaner | Dissolves Rust, Lime, Scale & More! (Haz)

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Muriatic Acid Cleaner is a liquid cleaner that dissolves rust, lime and other minerals on hard surfaces such as machinery parts. It also can be used to clean radiators, boilers and cooling systems. Its powerful formula also dissolves carbonates for quick removal of mortar, plaster and concrete from tools and equipment.

Use in:
Water-handling systems, Boilers, Cooling systems, Concrete equipment
Condensers, Radiators, Heat exchangers, Cement trucks
Brick and stone, Metal surfaces, Stainless steel, Mixing machinery

Effective Against:
Rust, Lime, Minerals, Concrete/cement, Scale, Carbonates, Excess Mortar, Plaster

Features and Benefits
Restores the natural color of brick or stone that has been discolored from wear or weathering.
Quickly removes mortar, plaster, cement and concrete.
Cleans and descales machinery parts.
Special inhibitors protect metal surfaces.
Can be used to remove cement from cement trucks.

Directions Complete directions on product label
Descale metal parts: For heavy mineral deposits, use undiluted. For lighter deposits, dilute with up to 5 parts of water.
Clean and descale cooling towers and boilers: Dilute with 8 to 10 parts of water. Allow diluted solution to circulate in system 4-8 hours. Flush system thoroughly.
To remove excess mortar, cement or plaster from walls and tools: Use undiluted. Always rinse thoroughly after using.
NSF A3: Acid cleaner for use in all areas

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