MALATHION 57%, Emulsifiable insecticide concentrate

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MALATHION 57% is a water-dilutable, broad spectrum insecticide. It is used to control pesky insects both indoors and outdoors. Its perfect for outdoor applications around buildings or on ornamental turf and shrubs. Use it indoors to control roaches, ants and other crawling insects around baseboards or under sinks and stoves. Since it’s highly concentrated, it can be diluted with either oil or water to perform in any situation.

Use outdoors in non-crop areas:
Ornamental lawns, Turf, Ant mounds, Flooded areas, Stagnant water, Temporary rain pools

Effective Against
Ant, Gnats, Mosquito adults, Biting midges, Grass scale, Mosquito larvae, Chiggers, Ground pearl nymphs, Moths, Fleas, Leafhoppers, Small flying insects, Flies, Ticks

Features and Benefits
Emulsifiable, concentrated contact insecticide.
May be diluted with water or with oil.
Excellent for thermal fogging.

Directions Complete directions on product label
Lawns and turf: Use 3-4 quarts per acre.
For ant mounds: Soak mounds using a 11/2 pint to 100 gallon dilution.
For flower beds: Lightly spray infected areas with diluted product.
Mosquito Larvae: Apply 13 ounces per acre of standing water.

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