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Premium Grade Industrial Paving Asphalt Sealer
Premium Grade Industrial Paving Asphalt Sealer
Premium Grade Industrial Paving Asphalt Sealer
Premium Grade Industrial Paving Asphalt Sealer
Premium Grade Industrial Paving Asphalt Sealer
Premium Grade Industrial Paving Asphalt Sealer
Premium Grade Industrial Paving Asphalt Sealer
Premium Grade Industrial Paving Asphalt Sealer

Premium Grade Industrial Paving Asphalt Sealer

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asphalt sealer banner

Protect your blacktop surface with ASPHALT SEALER. This professional-grade, high-solids asphalt sealer keeps water, ice, oil, car chemicals, and other liquids from entering and damaging your blacktop. Asphalt Sealer creates an impressive barrier that protects your asphalt surface for 3+ years. It's easy to stir and apply – all you'll need is a large roller. Protect one of your most valuable and worthy investments for years down the road. Purchase Asphalt Sealer today. Each gallons covers approximately 100 square feet. 

  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE, HIGH-SOLIDS BLACKTOP SEALER. This professional-grade asphalt driveway sealer protects parking lots, driveways, footpaths, etc. from wear.
  • STANDS UP AGAINST LIQUIDS AND UV RAYS. This driveway sealer shields asphalt from chemicals, battery acid, automotive oils, ice, salts, and UV rays.
  • REMAINS EFFECTIVE FOR UP TO THREE YEARS. Thanks to patented additives, this blacktop sealer works for three years or longer, no matter the climate.
  • EASY TO STIR, EASY TO APPLY. Apply driveway coating with a large roller. Remember: only apply to dry asphalt in dry weather conditions. The sealer will cure within 24 hours. Approximately 100 square feet per gallon of coverage. 
  • FILLS SHALLOW CRACKS FOR SMOOTHER TEXTURE. Asphalt Patch seals small, shallow driveway cracks for a refined appearance.


Restore that velvet-like appearance.

sealcoated driveway

Sealcoating is by far the most efficient and cost-effective way to protect asphalt from aging, spalling fading, and cracking. Not only does Asphalt Sealer protect asphalt, but it also restores that delightfully smooth and appealing asphalt look, boosting your property's appearance in as little as a day.


oil resistant sealcoatStand up against the elements

One sealcoat keeps oil, acids, ice, salts, and UV rays from ruining your asphalt. No matter what drips from your car or falls from the sky, your asphalt is covered.

driveway asphalt sealer

Shield your blacktop for years

Thanks to patented additives, one coat of ASPHALT SEALER can protect your asphalt for 3+ years. You may re-open the surface to traffic in as little as 24 hours after application.

sealing asphaltWorks on any asphalt surface

Use Asphalt Sealer on footpaths, driveways, parking lots, and other blacktop surfaces on your property to keep wear and tear from killing your curb appeal.

do it yourself sealcoat

The perfect project for the DIY-er

You don't have to hire a sealcoating company to get professional-grade results. Save hundreds of dollars on labor just by using Asphalt Sealer. It's simple to use and easy to apply.


Brush away loose direct and aggregate. Apply Asphalt Sealer with a large roller. Re-open surface to traffic in 24 hours after application.

Black Top Sealer

asphalt patch

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Asphalt Driveway Sealer

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