Green Gobbler ULTIMATE ERASER Cleaning Sponge

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Stains on your wall? Gunk in your microwave? Clean with ease with Green Gobbler Ultimate Eraser Cleaner Sponge. Our erasers are stronger and more effective than our competitor's product -- and they’re extremely easy to use. Simply soak, squeeze, erase and repeat!

Wipe away dirt, scuff marks, adhesive and so much more with one of the most adaptable and durable erasers on the market. You’ll wonder why you ever settled for anything less than ULTIMATE.

Main Features:

  • NO chemicals needed
  • ELIMINATE dirt, grime, smudges and scuff marks
  • SAY GOODBYE to soap scum, adhesive and pet stains
  • ERASE ink and crayon from walls and hard surfaces easily
  • Works on painted walls, glass, tile, vinyl, granite, painted molding
  • Also works on doors, window frames, wood floors, chrome fixtures, cars/trucks, patio furniture and plastics