Green Gobbler ULTIMATE ERASER Cleaning Sponge
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Green Gobbler ULTIMATE ERASER Cleaning Sponge

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Don’t settle for anything less than Ultimate.

ultimate magic eraser

Product Highlights
  • Tackle the toughest stains with Green Gobbler Ultimate Eraser Cleaning Sponge, a long-lasting,all-purpose cleaning sponge.
  • Easily eliminate dirt and stains on hard surfaces, including windows, walls, doors, moulding, light switches, glass, plastics, granite, tile and much more.
  • Use it to lift ink, crayon, soap scum, pet stains, adhesive, dirt, grime, scuff marks, smudges, fingerprints and other messes.
  • No need for harsh sprays and chemicals; just add water to activate its mighty cleaning power.
  • Guaranteed to last and stay intact, or your money back.

mr clean magic eraser power

Thick as a brick, yet light as a feather. Tough on stains, yet gentle on surfaces. Our robust cleaning melamine sponges are simply a wonder. 

Nothing is too tough or too odd to clean with Ultimate Eraser. Use this powerful eraser to take care of scuff marks, crayon marks, adhesive, fingerprints, food stains, ink stains and so much more. Cupboards, moulding, patio furniture: no solid surface is off-limits. 

melamine magic eraser

Did we mention that you get more bang for your buck with 6 large erasers per package? They’ll last a while, too. Now if only you could use one of our erasers to nix the weird interaction you had with your boss last week. We’re still working on something for that one.

how to use magic eraserTough on stains, gentle on surfaces.
Just soak it up, squeeze it out and scrub it down. It's as easy as 1-2-3!
scuff marks removalPut scuffs in handcuffs.
Use Green Gobbler Ultimate Eraser Cleaning Sponge to lift scuffs from moulding, light switches, patio furniture and anywhere else your heart desires.
crayon removalGive a new meaning to “write-off”.
Cut through ink and crayon marks with just a couple swipes of the Ultimate Eraser.
strong magic eraser stain removalBigger. Better. Stronger.
Cover more ground with our thick and robust cleaning sponges. Only Thor’s hammer is more powerful and electric. And you can ditch the flimsy sponges once and for all.
long lasting stain removerStays in one piece.
Your Green Gobbler Ultimate Eraser won’t crack (or crumble) under pressure. Clean your entire bathroom with just one sponge.
effective stain removerDoesn’t just go to battle. It conquers.
If your house looks like a war zone, unsheathe an Ultimate Eraser. With a little water and some elbow grease, your home will return to its utopian state.
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