Green Gobbler Magnesium Chloride PET SAFE ICE MELT

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A Perfectly Pet-Safe & Paw-Friendly Ice Melt.

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Green Gobbler’s Pet-Safe Ice Melt is your new best friend. This fast-acting ice melt offers total control of snow & ice without putting your pet in harm's way. Made using magnesium chloride, our product has been proven to be less harmful to pets and the environment. If your pet happens to take a stroll in the ice melt, it won't irritate their paws or cause gastrointestinal problems if ingested. Choose the best for your pet by ordering Green Gobbler today.

  • Melts better, faster. Pet-Safe melts snow and ice in temperatures as low as -10°F.
  • Ditches the toxins. Compared to rock salt, Pet-Safe has an exceptionally low toxicity level.
  • Safer for pets. Our product won't irritate their paws or burn their skin.
  • Shaped for spreaders. Pet-Safe works perfectly with generic spreaders, thanks to the round-shape pellets.
  • Non-damaging to driveways. Pet-Safe won't cause spalling on driveways and concrete that's been properly set and cured.


Use safely on:

snow and ice melt for porchPorches
snow and ice melter for drivewaysDriveways
parking lot ice melterParking Lots

Keeping your pets safe from harm.

Use Green Gobbler’s Pet-Safe Ice Melt to melt snow and ice in the worst winter conditions—without putting your precious pup in danger. Our pellets generate exothermic heat to break bonds and lower the freezing point of water. Best of all, Pet-Safe uses magnesium chloride, which is not dangerously exothermic. Our pellets will not burn your skin or irritate your pet’s paws upon contact.

  • Safe on their paws: Our magnesium chloride formula is powerful on snow and ice, but gentle on your pup's paws. If your pup takes a stroll and walks on our ice melt, their paws will be just fine.
  • No concrete spalling or corrosion: Compared to other salt-based ice melters, our formula has the least potential to cause concrete spalling on properly treated concrete.
  • Low toxicity levels: Our product is made from magnesium chloride which has a notoriously low toxicity level. Our product also contains one-third fewer chlorides than sodium or calcium chloride, so it’s safer for the environment.
  • Effective in extreme temperatures: Pet Safe Ice Melt has been proven to work in temperatures below -10°, so you can rely on our formula to work in even the worst winter conditions.
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