Green Gobbler 20% Horticultural Vinegar Weed Killer

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Finally... The #1 OMRI Listed Weed Killer That You've Been Looking For All This Time

finally...power meets green

20% Vinegar Weed Killer is a quick-acting, horticultural vinegar biopesticide for non-selective control of herbaceous broadleaf weeds and weed grasses. Our 20% Vinegar Weed Killer contains an organic acid that acts fast and degrades promptly in the soil. Foliar contact results in rapid desiccation and control of annual weeds and grasses, as well as top growth reduction of herbaceous perennial weeds and grasses. 

Use this product to control weeds that surround all food crops, nonfood crops (ornamentals) and non-production agricultural, farmstead, right-of-way and institutional land sites. Great for both industrial and home use!

Directions For Use

Basic Use: Simply add vinegar to a pump sprayer and start spraying unwanted weeds or grass to the point of wetness in full sunshine. Vinegar will start working immediately and the weeds will die within 24 hours of using this product. 

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organic vinegar iconCertified For Organic Use
derived from corn iconDerived From Corn
safe iconSafer Alternative to Harmful Chemicals

vinegar derived from corn

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Derived From Nature

Green Gobbler 20% vinegar weed killer is OMRI listed & certified for organic use. Our product is derived from corn grown in the USA. It's fully free of phosphates, sulfates, VOCs, petroleum solvents, chlorine, fluorine, ethoxylates, dye and bleach. Our vinegar is bottled from food grade 200 Grain white distilled vinegar, therefore it is 100% environmentally friendly.

4X Stronger Than Table Vinegar

Green Gobbler 20% Vinegar Weed Killer “packs a punch” but is gentle enough for everyday use. It easily kills dandelion weeds, crabgrass, white clover, moss and all other types of unwanted weeds & grasses. This vinegar is ready-to-use right out of the bottle or you can mix soap and salt to intensify the effects (see above for instructions). The soap will help cling to the weeds roots, while the salt will aid in dehydrating the weed.

20% Concentrated Vinegar Weed Killer Uses

weedsUse it to kill all sorts of weeds. Spray at full strength on growth until plants have starved
crabgrassKills crabgrass with ease by spraying solution at full strength. No dilution needed.
clover weedKills clover weeds with ease by spraying solution at full strength. No dilution needed.
killing weeds
What Makes 20% Vinegar Weed Killer Special?

Most weed killers use harmful chemicals like glyphosate that find their way into our drinking water or our bloodstreams, depending on the nature of exposure. They have the potential to wreak havoc not only on the health of human beings but on all kinds of creatures. Dangers of using these weed killers include cancer, kidney & liver damage, reproductive toxicity & endocrine disruption.

Our 20% Vinegar is made from a grain based ethanol, which is converted to a high concentration of acetic acid. No longer will you have to worry about harmful chemicals. And the best part? Our 20% Vinegar weed killer is certified for organic use, so you know there isn't anything harmful added to it.


Quick Tips on Using 20% Vinegar Weed Killer

• Use in full sunshine.
• Completely saturate weeds
• Don't dilute vinegar, just pour into a pump sprayer and start using
• Avoid spraying on good healthy grass

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