Glass Cleaner Concentrate, Dilutable glass cleaner

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Glass Cleaner Concentrate is a dilutable concentrate. It is designed for economical cleaning of glass, windows, mirrors and other common surfaces. It quickly lifts away dirt, smudges, water spots and dried-on debris from glass, as well as tile, chrome, plastic and porcelain.

Use on:
Glass, Tile, Porcelain
Plastic, Chrome, Windows
Glass shelves, Mirrors, Tabletops
Note: Do not use on wood finishes.

Effective Against
Greasy smudges, Oily films, Dried on dirt, Water spots

Features and Benefits
Non-ammoniated formula
Economical concentrate

Directions Complete directions on product label
Dilute 1 part cleaner with 8 parts cold tap water. Spray onto surface and wipe clean. Polish dry with a soft cloth.

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