Fire Fighting Foam, Aqueous film-forming foam

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Fire Fighting Foam is a non-corrosive synthetic concentrate that produces a long-lasting and dense foam designed for fighting Class A and Class B fires. It offers superior water retention, while promoting smothering, cooling and vapor suppression capabilities. Designed for use at 3% dilution, it’s compatible to use with surfactants and tank protectors.

Use on Class A and Class B fires:
Non-polar liquids, Gasoline, Fuel Oil, Mineral Spirits, Benzene, Other Hydrocarbons

Features and Benefits
Excellent smothering and vapor suppressing properties.
Designed for use on Class A and Class B flammable liquid fires.
Cools the fuel and adjacent surfaces to below their ignition temperatures.

Directions Complete directions on product label
For Class A and Class B fires, involving, dilute to 3% using a standard eductor or other proportioning system. May also be premixed.

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