ERASE! Caustic Replacement Graffiti Remover

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Remove paint and graffiti in one easy step.

  • ERASE! removes paint and graffiti on virtually any surface
  • Uses a non-toxic and odorless formula
  • Remains safe on virtually all hard and non-porous surfaces
  • Does not contain amyl acetate or methylene chloride

Remove the toughest graffiti, including enamel, with ERASE!

Use ERASE! on nearly any hard and non-porous surface including: bathroom partitions, phone booths, brick walls, bus stops and seats, desks, wall tile, trains, aluminum siding, road signs, billboards, lockers, lamp posts, concrete, and stainless steel. *Note: this product may cause damage to aluminum surfaces.

Undo what's been done with ERASE, a powerful graffiti remover.

Effective against:

Graffiti, paint, grease, grime, dirt, oil, adhesives, tars, baked-on carbon, lipstick, crayon, shoe polish, scuffs, smoke film and odors, food stains, pet stains.

Ideal for: 

Commercial and municipal departments, including street and sign crews, parks and recreation departments, school districts, sports facilities, transportation authorities, and utility and power crews.


Shake well before using. Gloves are recommended to protect hands from paint and ink residue. Spray onto surface and lightly scrub in a circular motion to begin dissolving paint and graffiti. Continue to use a clean part of the cleaning rag for best results. Repeat as necessary.

When using on a pre-painted surface, initially test in an inconspicuous area to make sure paint is not removed along with the graffiti. This graffiti remover may attack certain plastics.

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