Enviro-Terra Bowl, Thickened Safe Acid Bowl Cleaner- 12 Quarts per Case


Enviro Terra Bowl is a powerful yet safe multi-functional cleaner thatcombines the high cleaning performance of an acid with the mildness of liquid dish soap. With a pH of 1, it has the cleaning power of an acid, yet it is safe to the touch. It is an ideal alternative to typical Non-Acid Bowl Cleaners.
The thick, clinging formula will coat the surface of bowls and urinals, and will effectively remove rust, minerals, uric acid, and hard water deposits. The gentle formula is safe for plumbing and septic systems.

Effective Against:
Rust and discoloration, Lime deposits, Soap scum, Calcium (hard-water scale

Features and Benefits
Removes rust mineral, uric acid and hard water deposits
Economical without compromising cleaning performance.
Thick clinging formula.

Directions Complete directions on product label
Squirt a small amount into the toilet and under the toilet rim, sufficient to coat the area to be cleaned. Let it soak for several minutes and then scrub with a toilet brush. Flush toilet when complete. Urinals may be cleaned in the same fashion.