DUST DOWN "POLY PRO" Polymer Road Dust Control

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Keep Dust Under Control!


You can see clearly now, the dust is gone! Order Dust Down POLY PRO, a dust reducer for dirt, gravel and unpaved roads. Our emulsion mixture keeps dusty particulates from filling the air--and that means less dust in the air and in your eyes!

Dust Down POLY PRO will reduce formation of dust and dirt, stop vehicle damage and prevent accidents due to limited visibility.

  • EXCELLENT ON dirt and gravel roads, unpaved roads
  • PERFECT FOR construction sites, dusty roadways
  • NON-TOXIC and completely safe for pets and animals
  • LONG-LASTING, depending on foot and vehicle traffic

Great for Residential Properties
Don't Let Dust Slow You Down
Make Dangerous Roads Safer!

How does it work?
Dust Down POLY PRO is made from a specialty emulsion mixture designed to modify and break down insoluble mineral-based materials. Simply put, it will harden fine dust particles so they don’t become airborne.
Can anyone use Dust Down?
Yes! Homeowners, contractors and city workers use Dust Down POLY PRO to treat driveways, construction sites and unpaved roads, respectively, for safer and cleaner roadways. 
  1. Dilute solution easily with fresh water at 2-5% by volume
  2. Add solution to a pump sprayer or watering device
  3. Apply at an approximate rate of 25 gallons of diluted product per 500 square feet
**For best results, apply during dry weather conditions and avoid application during high-traffic conditions. Can be mixed with material to be modified or de-dusted.
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Great for dirt, gravel, and sand
Perfect for construction sites
Great for concerts and outdoor events
Excellent for dusty roadways and driveways


Special vinyl acetate/ethylene co-polymer emulsion

Specifically designed for the modification of mineral powders, fine gravel sand and other dusty insoluble mineral-based materials. Provides compressive and flexural strength to help reduce formation of dusty residues.

55 Gallons of Dust Down Poly Pro covers the area of an Entire Football Field!

Simply add 1 Gallon of DUST DOWN POLY PRO to approximately 25 gallons of water. Apply at a rate of 25 gallons per 500 square feet.

Long Lasting, Safe Results

You’re bound to kick up dust, dirt and mineral powders when you drive your car, truck or commercial vehicle on an unfinished pathway. Dust Down POLY PRO is a non-leaching and non-toxic product designed to keep dirt and dust out of the air.

Depending on traffic volume, our dust down poly pro will last 3-12 months. It also increases road safety, non-toxic, it's non leaching, completely safe for pets & animals, reduces vehicle damage & provides great water resistance.


Don’t Wait for the Dust to Settle! Order Dust Down POLY PRO today.



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