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Say Goodbye to Pesky Drain Flies Once and For All!

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Take care of annoying fruit flies ASAP with Fruit Fly Goodbye, a drain fruit fly treatment product. Our thick gel formula clings to the walls of pipes to repel fruit flies and suppress their eggs. The key ingredient to Fruit Fly Goodbye is citronella, a one of a kind fly repellent.

Imagine this: no more swatting flies away from your fruit bowl. No more buzzing around your ears while you’re taking a mid-afternoon nap. With Fruit Fly Goodbye, you can finally get fruit flies to bugger off. Order today and enjoy a cleaner and more peaceful home once again.

Directions For Use

Initial application: For best results, apply the product at the end of the day. Add 8 ounces to each drain on initial application. Aim to coat the sides of the drain pipe. Repeat daily until desired results are achieved.

For future maintenance: Apply 4-8 ounces per week to maintain a clean and fly-free environment.

Storage: Store at room temperature. Avoid exposure to heat and direct sunlight. DO NOT FREEZE. Do not store at a temperature greater than 140 degrees Fahrenheit.


barsGreat for bars, taverns, and pubs
hospitality-kitchenPerfect for hotels and restaurant kitchens
home-kitchenExcellent for homes and small kitchens
bathroomExceptional for bathrooms and shower drains

garbage-disposalUse it on garbage disposals
floor-drainGreat on floor drains
kitchen-sinkExcellent for kitchen sinks
drain-fly-pipe-cross-sectionRepels Drain Flies

Fruit Fly Goodbye is a thick gel that clings to pipes and drains to rid them of drain fly infestations.

Made With Citronella

Citronella is a fly repellent obtained from the leaves and stems of different species of Cymbopogon (lemongrass). 

Easy Application

Apply product at the end of the day. Add about 8 ounces to each drain at first use. 



Zero-in on Fruit Flies

Fruit flies and drain flies can be a big problem for the hospitality industry, All they require is a moist area or fermenting things like overripe fruits and vegetables. Female fruit flies can lay up to 500 eggs rapidly at a time and hatch within 24-30 hours into maggots & then into flies.

Avoid Health Code Violations

Keeping your facility clean from pesky flies is important and can be costly if it becomes a bigger problem from infestation. We’ve made it our top priority to make sure that you get a quality product to zero in on this problem, or your money back. We guarantee it!


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