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Diesel Clean, Cetane-improving diesel additive- 4 Gallons


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DIESEL CLEAN is a cetane-improving liquid additive. It is specially formulated to provide cetane enhancement in both high and low sulfur diesel fuels. When added into fuel, it offers better detergency to provide easier starts, faster warm-ups and less engine noise due to increased engine efficiency and power. It also provides increased lubricity protection against sludge formation and reduces the engine’s exhaust and emissions.

Features and Benefits
Increases the cetane number for easier starts and less engine noise.
Improves fuel economy, reduces exhaust smoke, and emissions.
Provides fuel detergency, reducing deposit build up which increases engine power and extend engine life.

Directions Complete directions on product label
Add 1 pint to 25 gallons of diesel fuel or 1 gallon to 200 gallons of diesel fuel.

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