Demise - Fire Ant & Insect Dehydrator
Demise - Fire Ant & Insect Dehydrator
Demise - Fire Ant & Insect Dehydrator
Demise - Fire Ant & Insect Dehydrator

Demise - Fire Ant & Insect Dehydrator

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Fire Ant & Insect Killer / Dehydrator

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Kill fire ants, bees and other insects with Demise Fire Ant & Insect Dehydrator. Our powder stops insects in their tracks. They’ll never know what hit ‘em.

  • KNOCKS DOWN insects quickly for effective control
  • CONTROLS ants and insects with a botanical insecticide
  • SAPS the life out of insects on contact
  • STICKS to the hairs of surviving insects to contaminate the colony
  • LASTS up to six months for residual performance
Product Description

DEMISE is like an exterminator in a bottle -- an easy-to-use puffer bottle, at that.

Our refined powder solution contains a botanical insecticide and sodium dioxide, an effective dehydrator that clings to the body hair of any surviving insects. Insects will carry the dehydrator to the nesting area and contaminate the colony, successfully eradicating any remaining culprits.

The best part? DEMISE works for up to six months. Sap the life out of those sting-happy fire ants and other irritating insects. Sprinkle the powder on ant hills or use a power duster to spray hard-to-reach areas.

Mission to terminate? Successful.

    • Hospitals
    • Warehouses
    • Bakeries
    • Kitchens
    • Restaurants
    • Schools
    • Supermarkets
    • Hotels & Motels
    • Food/Feed processing plants
    • Milking Areas
    • Livestock Areas
    • Beverage & Bottling Plants
    • Floor Drains
    • Locker Rooms
    • Machine Rooms
    • Boiler Rooms
    • Garages
    • Mop Closets
    • Storage Rooms
    • Sewers


        • Cockroaches
        • Centipedes
        • Termites
        • Scorpions
        • Ants
        • Mites
        • Grain Mites
        • Silverfish
        • Earwigs
        • Crickets
        • Sowbugs
        • Ticks
        • Dark Mealworm
        • Lice
        • Spiders
        • Bedbugs
        • Dermestids
        • Millipedes
        • Beetles
        • Hornets
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