Convert, Sprayable Rust Converter

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Convert is a prayable rust converter that instantly converts rust to a non-rusting surface. Convert sprayable rust converts instantly bonds with rust and transforms it to a non-rusting, paintable surface as well as preventing future rust. It saves you the effort of sanding rust all the way down to bare metal. Convert is completely safe and easy to apply.

Use on:
Structures, Machinery, Equipment, Vehicles, Railings, Marine Applications and More
Note: Do not use with water-based paints

Protects against:
Effects of weather, Rain, Sun, Salt spray

Features and Benefits
Easy to use, non-flammable, low VOC
Water based treatment
Approved for use on all non-food contact surfaces
Protects against future corrosion
Non-toxic and emits no harmful fumes

Directions Complete directions on product label
Apply two coats allowing at least 20 minutes drying time between coats. Allow 48 hours of cure time before applying an oil-based paint.
One gallon will cover 200 - 300 square feet of a smooth non- porous surface. Irregular, porous surfaces will require a heavier application rate.