WINTER WIZARD | Calcium Magnesium Acetate & Magnesium Chloride

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A Powerful, Sustainable, and Safer Alternative to Harmful Ice Melters.

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Product Highlights
  • SMARTER FORMULA: Introducing Winter Wizard, a less corrosive, less toxic ice melt with an improved magnesium chloride formula.
  • ENHANCED WITH LIQUID CMA: Winter Wizard is encapsulated with calcium magnesium acetate, a high-performance deicing agent to yield fast and effective results.
  • FAST-ACTING FORMULA: This product goes to work immediately upon contact to accelerate the melting process.
  • WORKS IN EXTREME TEMPERATURES: Our enhanced ice melt treats snow and ice in conditions as low as -10 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • COLOR-COATED CRYSTALS: The color-coated crystals temporarily mark the ice for visual measurement, preventing overuse and eliminating product waste.

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Developed and tested in severe winter weather, this high-performance ice melt has been proven to work in temperatures up to -10 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter Wizard’s crystals are encapsulated with liquid calcium magnesium acetate and magnesium chloride, a formidable chemical duo that has little to no effect on the environment. Melt snow and ice without damaging grass, spalling concrete, or tracking residue into your home, and the color-coated crystals allow you to spread snow smarter with a uniform particle size.

Use safely on:

snow and ice melt for porchPorches
snow and ice melter for drivewaysDriveways
parking lot ice melterParking Lots

Special Benefits of Using Winter Wizard:

low corrosion and spallingNo corrosion

Concrete spalling won’t be an issue with Winter Wizard. Calcium magnesium acetate (CMA) is just about as corrosive as tap water.

low toxicity ice melt
Low toxicity

Magnesium chloride has been proven to be less toxic to the environment and more effective than sodium chloride and calcium chloride.

long lasting effects
Reducing re-application

Winter Wizard works hard and works smart. The long-lasting, time-relaxed formula will continue to work until the snow and ice are gone.

special ice melt formulaPre-wetted formula

Winter Wizard’s crystals are encapsulated with liquid CMA, preventing salt from bouncing off the surface, reducing salt scatter and displacement.  

optimal ice melt particle size
Optimal particle size

Stop spreading ice melt from the bag. Winter Wizard’s uniform particles work perfectly in most rotary spreaders.

dyed green biodegradable ice melt
Dyed green particles

The color-coated crystals temporarily mark the ice for visual measurement, preventing overuse and eliminating product waste.


Use with a rotary spreader for easy dispersal. Make use of the color-coated crystals for smart application.

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