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Knock down the most obnoxious sewer odors with Control.

  • Controls odors in sewage plants, lagoon, drains and laterals.
  • Can be used to control odors in garbage containers, haulers and dumps.
  • Leaves a refreshing cherry scent behind.
  • Gets the job done without disrupting bacterial action.
  • This water-based deodorizer contains no harmful solvents.

The smell of raw sewage is one of the most awful smells known to man. If you’re desperate for a solution to offensive sewer odors, you've found it with Control.

This powerful "sewer sweetener" can control odors in sewage plants, septic tanks, lagoons, aerators, sewer mains and laterals. Use it to neutralize odors in drain fields, landfills, dumpsters and trash cans as well.

Control is perfect for hotel managers, sewer treatment personnel, and even homeowners with smelly drains.  Anyone who wants to neutralize offensive odors can use this water-based odor controller. Whether you need two gallons or 25 gallons, you will have exactly what you need to control any wretched smells.


Aerators, lagoons, open digesters and filter beds: Inject product undiluted into the line leading to the source of the odor. The amount required will vary based on temperature, air movement and the intensity of the odor. Also spray or mist undiluted over the source of the odor, allowing the movement of the air to carry it over the area.

Sewer mains and laterals: Pour, spray and drip undiluted into the lines leading to the source of the odor. Also spray manholes and drains thoroughly.

Garbage containers, trucks and dumps: Spray over the source of the odor liberally.

Authorizations USDA C1: Cleaning compounds for all surfaces in inedible processing areas, non-processing areas and exterior areas.

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