Car Wash & Wax- One Step Cleaning and Polishing

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Car Wash & Wax is a concentrated detergent and polish. It combines the activity of washing and waxing into a single operation. First it cleans away dirt and road grime thoroughly, and then it deposits a durable coating to provide a high-gloss finish that beads away water. It’s safe to use on a wide variety of cars and vehicles, and rinses away easily with water and a chamois.

Use 0n:
Cars , Trucks , SUVs , Buses , Motorcycles , ATVs , Boats , Golf carts

Features and Benefits
Cleans dirt and grime off vehicle finishes while simultaneously applying a protective coating.
Saves labor and time.
Gives maximum protection for less cost.
Restores the highest luster to vehicle finishes.

Directions Complete directions on product label
Dilute 3-6 ounces per gallon of warm water. Spray down and then wash the vehicle. Rinse with cold water and chamois dry. Buff the finish to a high gloss with a clean soft cloth.