Car Wash, Concentrated powdered detergent

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CAR WASH is a powdered detergent that features a high-sudsing formula to penetrate and remove road film, tar, insects and other soils quickly and completely without streaking. Developed for use in automatic car washing machines, it can also be used for hand washing. It rinses to a spot-free and film-free finish, and won’t remove the vehicles existing wax finish.

Features and Benefits
Provides maximum economy and all-weather versatility.
High-sudsing formula.
Lifts tough road grime quickly and effectively.

Directions Complete directions on product label
Use 2-6 ounces of detergent powder per gallon of water. Mop, sponge, or spray solution onto vehicle. Rinse surfaces thoroughly with clean water. For automatic washers, use 1-3 oz. per gallon of water in the wash tank, then follow manufacturers instructions