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Capture- Emergency Clean-up Absorbent Powder, Absorbs 100 times its own weight of liquid

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Capture is a super absorbent powder that instantly encapsulates messy water-based spills and turns them into an easy-to-dispose gel. It also eliminates odors as it absorbs. Its modern polymer-based formula is non-toxic and substantially biodegradable, and it absorbs up to 100 times its own weight.

Use on:-
Airplanes, School buses, Trains, Taxis, Tour buses, Limousines
Hospitals, Health spas, Camps, Clinics, Ambulances, Vet offices
Offices, Day care centers, Schools, Bars, Hotels and motels, Restaurants
Prisons, Nursing homes, Anywhere messy spills are likely to occur

Effective Against
Vomit, Blood an body fluids, Urine, Pet stains/ accidents

Features and Benefits
Instantly activates on contact with liquid turning spills and mishaps into a thick gel.
Absorbs 100 times its own weight
Neutralizes unpleasant odors with a floral fragrance
Hydrophilic polymer absorbent may be used to absorb many times its weight of water-based spills.
Easy spill pick-up, it will not drip or run.

Directions Complete directions on product label
Sprinkle evenly over surface of the spill and allow it to absorb. Sweep up and dispose of gel.

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