96% Pure Calcium Chloride Pellets - SNOW & ICE Melter

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When winter strikes, spring into action.

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Winter doesn’t pull punches and neither should you. Let calcium chloride pellets do the backbreaking work for you. Our ice melt uses exothermic heat strong enough to cut through thick snow and ice accumulations. No shovel required.

What's great about calcium chloride is that the pellets are colorless, odorless, and non-toxic. Your golden retriever won't get a fever if they get a little too curious. And your landscape will look as perfect as it did before the storm. How perfect. 

Our pellets are available in a convenient pail for easy handling and distribution. However, if you've got a rotary spreader, that's even better. Our perfectly shaped pellets work well with traditional equipment.

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  • Melts snow and ice 4x faster than rock salt
  • Generates exothermic heat to melt thick snow and ice
  • Perfect for inexpensive rotary spreaders
  • Lowers the re-freezing temperature of melted ice
  • Leaves no residue and does not track
  • Works in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Odorless & colorless formula
  • The safer option for pets & plants; harmless on concrete & pavers
  • Works perfectly for ice & snow on roofs
  • Perfect for homeowners, businesses & municipalities
  • Available for bulk purchase in pails & pallets


Perfect to Use on:

snow and ice melt for porchPorches
snow and ice melter for drivewaysDriveways
parking lot ice melterParking Lots
ice melter for roofRoofs
ice melter for sidewalkSidewalks
ice and snow melter for walkwayWalkways

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calcium chloride pelletsPerfectly Shaped

Our pellets are ideal for inexpensive rotary spreaders, thanks to their round shape. This year you won't have to lug around a bag of pellets and spread them manually. You've got something better.

fast melting 96% pure calcium chloride
Melts Quickly

Thanks to exothermic heat, our pellets work 4x faster than the other guys. Our pellets will also lower the re-freezing temperature of the melted ice by generating rapid heat. You won't wake up the next morning to a thin layer of ice; we guarantee it.

safe ice melter
No Harm, No Foul

Our pellets are safer than those cheap ice melt products on the market. Our pellets won't kill grass or your beautiful plants, and they won't drastically eat away at concrete or cement. Your landscape will be A-OK.

Is it safe for pets?

Using calcium chloride around pets is generally very safe and does not pose a threat, however, there are a few tips we can offer:

  1. Avoid overexposure. Don't let your pet spend hours walking on the pellets. The pellets can get caught between their toes and cause irritation. Let them out for a few minutes, and wipe their paws when they get back inside. 

  2. Keep your pet from ingesting a large amount of ice melt. Sometimes pets are curious and want to taste what's on the ground. A few pellets won't cause any harm, but don't let your pet consume a large amount of ice melt. To keep them safe, watch your pet while they are outside and around ice melt.

Rock Salt vs. Ice Melt: What's The Difference?

rock salt and calcium chloride

Confused? Here's the lowdown:

Rock salt (also known as sodium chloride) is sodium chloride with a few minerals mixed in for good measure (and for better traction). While it's the go-to for many normal winter conditions because of its affordability, it’s not the safest option if you want to protect their pets, plants, and concrete, because of its high toxicity rating. Also, rock salt is only effective in temperatures between 15-25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ice melt can be composed of various salts, including calcium, sodium, magnesium or potassium chloride. This stuff is for that kind of cold you can't shake. Calcium chloride generates heat to melt the thickest accumulations. If it's under 15 degrees Fahrenheit, and there's snow on every inch of your property, opt for ice melt. Moreover, ice melt is less corrosive, less toxic, and less likely to irritate your pet's paws. 


Spread the pellets on any surface: a parking lot, sidewalk, walkway, etc. Then sit back and watch the snow melt right before your eyes. Pellets can be applied before or after a snowfall.

For best results: apply at the beginning of the snowstorm, if possible. Spread pellets evenly over desired areas. For even and accurate coverage, use with spreader equipment.

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