Boiler Treat ULTRA - Multipurpose Boiler Treatment

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Prevents RUST & CORROSION in Steam Boilers, Hot Water Systems, Closed Loop Systems, Wood Burning Boilers

This multi-functional formula has all the necessary chemicals for a complete boiler treatment in one convenient liquid. It combines alkalinity builders and carbonate cycle scale control with oxygen scavengers,sludge dispersants and volatile amine corrosion inhibitors that travel with the steam or water to protect the metal inside the boiler and plumbing.

Effective Against:

  • Scaling
  • Oxygen corrosion
  • Condensate corrosion
  • Lime
  • Rust
  • Mineral deposits
  • Prevents hydrogen embrittlement
  • Pitting

Features and Benefits

  • Complete treatment solution for any system.
  • Contains oxygen scavenger, scale and corrosion inhibitors for complete treatment.
  • Prevents corrosion inside boiler and plumbing lines. 
  • Great for wood burning stoves or anywhere water has prolonged contact with metal.
  • Keeps a protective film on all metal parts
  • Maintains pH control
  • Softens the hardness of water


Steam Boilers: Add 1 gallon for every 200 gallons of water through the vent or the opening into the

condensate tank or surge tank. Do not exceed pH 11.

Maintenance: Add 1 quart to 50 gallons water to maintain proper pH level and treat water completely.

Closed Loop and Hot Water Boilers:
Add 1 gallon to every 300 gallons of water in the system. Check to see ph goes to 11.5 for complete treatment.

Maintenance: Use 1 quart treatment to 100 gallons of make up water added to the system.

Blowdown: Blowdown should be scheduled to maintain 3-5 cycles of concentration in the steam boiler.