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A Dynamic Acid Replacement Deliming & Descaling Agent That Gets The Job Done

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boiler treat ultra delimer & descaler safety sheet

  • POWERFUL SCALE REMOVER: Boiler Treat ULTRA+ removes scale, lime, and calcium in water treatment systems.
  • 100% ACID-FREE FORMULA: This product leverages a revolutionary formula that contains no harmful acids.
  • BETTER THAN MURIATIC ACID: In a test, Boiler Treat ULTRA+ dissolved 10-15% more scale than muriatic acid.
  • GOES TO WORK: Removes calcium, lime, scale, milk stone, and beer stone with Boiler Treat ULTRA+.
  • FRIENDLY FORMULA: With a pH of 0 and a triple-zero HMIS score, Boiler Treat ULTRA+ remains the friendlier choice for the environment.

Calcium, lime, and scale can build up quickly inside of condenser coils and pipes in boiler systems. If your system is slowing down, it’s time to invest in a fast, powerful, and effective product to get your boiler back in shape.

For safer reduction of boiler scale, choose Boiler Treat ULTRA+. This 100% acid-free product removes scale and rust 10% better than muriatic acid without posing a threat to your personnel, equipment, or the environment.

Boiler Treat ULTRA+ is a non-toxic, non-fuming, and non-corrosive formula that tackles rust and scale in heat exchangers, boilers, cooling towers, evaporative coolers, and similar water systems. Additionally, this formula is odorless, non-fuming, and non-irritating to the skin.

Benefits of Using Boiler Treat Ultra

eliminate scaleEliminate Scale With Ease

Our pellets are ideal for inexpensive rotary spreaders, thanks to their round shape. This year you won't have to lug around a bag of pellets and spread them manually. You've got something better.

trusted boiler treatment
Trusted Only By The Best

Boiler Treat ULTRA+ is the top choice for the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Coast Guard. It is the only non-acid cleaner that meets the requirements set by the Navy for the cleaning of heat exchangers.

safe boiler treatment
Safer Than The Alternative

There’s no reason to use muriatic and hydrochloric acid for water treatment. Boiler Treat ULTRA + works better and poses no threat to your equipment, your employees, or the environment.

Other Features:

    • Neutralizes with water
    • Non-mutagenic to wildlife
    • Non-skin and non-eye irritating
    • Contains no traditional acids

Perfect to Use on:


heat exchangers


Heat Exchangers

cooling towers

evaporative coolers

Cooling towers

Evaporative coolers

Directions For Use
for boilers

For Boilers:

  1. Close down boiler for closed-loop descaling. Drain and flush the boiler.
  2. Add in treatment (the equivalent of 15-20% of the boiler’s total volume). Fill the rest with water.
  3. Circulate the treatment and water for three hours — or six hours for later units.
  4. Drain, flush, and refill.

For the soak method, empty the boiler, then fill the boiler with one part product and one part water. Allow the mixture to soak for two to three hours. For either cleaning method, monitor the solution every half-hour using pH treat strips.

for cooling stations

For Cooling Stations

  1. Blow down the system. Drain pump.
  2. Fill the system with the product (see dilution rates below).
  3. Allow the solution to circulate for three to four hours.
  4. Drain, flush, and refill.

Dilution rates:

For regular descaling: 5 gallons of product per 10-ton volume.

For light descaling: 3 gallons of product per 10-ton volume.

for heat exchangers

For heat exchangers:Prepare your closed-loop heat exchanger as usual. For a normal descale, use a 25% solution; for a lighter descale, use a 10% solution. Circle the product in the exchanger as follows:

0-50 gallons: 1 hour

50-200 gallon: 2 hours

200-500 gallon: 3 hours

500+ gallon: 4 hours

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