Blast, Degreaser- separates oils from water

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Blast is designed to quickly take off dirt, oil and grime while washing cars, trucks or any heavy equipment. Then using a unique “cleavable” surfactant system, the oil and grease is released from the water inside the oil/water separator. This allows efficient use of cleaner water, and reduces the need for repeated pump outs.

Use in:
Heavy Equipment, Car Washes, Truck Washes

Effective Against
Soils And Grime, Road Dirt, Oils And Greases

Features and Benefits
Reduces odors, reduces oil/water separator pump outs, and allows efficient use of wash water. 
After removing greases and oils from equipment, the rinse water releases the oils so clean water may be recycled.
Concentrated cleaner cleans and degreases trucks, cars and equipment.

Directions Complete directions on product label.
Inject 2-8 ounces per gallon of water into wash system.
It is recommended that this product be used in conjunction with Bio-Blast HCB, a bacterial product, which degrades and reduces petroleum based hydrocarbons.