Bio-Clean Concentrate, Biodegradable, general purpose detergent

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Bio-Clean Concentrate is a gentle, neutral pH concentrate made with biodegradable surfactants designed for general purpose cleaning on washable surfaces. It does not contain phosphates, so it will not harm painted, plastic, wood or upholstered surfaces and it will not strip the finish or harm flooring materials. It is also great for hand washing of delicate fabrics, crystal and silverware.

Use on:
Kitchen surfaces , Crystal , China , Silverware , Glass ,
Bathroom surfaces , Floors , Walls , Vinyl , Fabrics ,
Painted surfaces , Plastic , Upholstery , Painted Wood , Wool garments

Effective Against:
Grease and grime , Oily films , Dirt and stains , Fingerprints

Features and Benefits
A gentle cleaner with a neutral pH designed for general use on all washable surfaces
Safe for cleaning silverware and china
Ideal for use on floors, glass, vinyl, upholstery, bathrooms and kitchens
Phosphate free and biodegradable detergent

Directions Complete directions on product label
General Cleaning: Dilute 2-3 ounces per gallon
Grease and heavy soils: Dilute 12 ounces per gallon. Apply to soil, then rinse with clean water.
Mopping Floors: Dilute one ounce per gallon. No rinse required.
Hand washing china, crystal and silver: Dilute 1-2 ounces per gallon
Hand washing fabrics: Dilute 2-4 ounces per gallon