Asphalt Release by SIMONIZ

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Siliconized Antistick Asphalt Release

A specially formulated detergent for use as a lubricant on asphalt slides and asphalt truck beds. A modern day replacement of traditional solvent lubricants. Most states have banned the use of traditional solvents, such as kerosene, as a lubricating agent for asphalt paving jobs.

Where To Use: Construction Companies, Asphalt Paving Trucks

Dilution: 1/6 – (2 oz./gallon)

Directions: Prior to applying Asphalt Release to the bed and chute areas of the truck, it should be cleaned and free of all old asphalt. Using foaming equipment or a hand pump sprayer, dilute Asphalt Release according to table above. Foam onto entire surface that will come in contact with the asphalt. Pay special attention to the chute area. Reapply prior to filling truck with asphalt on successive trips.