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30% ORGANIC White Distilled Vinegar - FOOD GRADE
30% ORGANIC White Distilled Vinegar - FOOD GRADE
30% ORGANIC White Distilled Vinegar - FOOD GRADE
30% ORGANIC White Distilled Vinegar - FOOD GRADE
30% ORGANIC White Distilled Vinegar - FOOD GRADE
30% ORGANIC White Distilled Vinegar - FOOD GRADE

30% ORGANIC White Distilled Vinegar - FOOD GRADE

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Factory Direct's 300 Grain strength white distilled vinegar is made naturally from organic alcohol produced from the fermentation of sugar cane. It is organic and non-GMO. This white distilled vinegar skips unnecessary processing to preserve its food-grade quality and purity. In terms of taste, this sugar cane vinegar is sweeter and less abrasive than other forms of white distilled vinegar.

Bakeries, food processors, and food manufacturers rely on our white distilled vinegar as a key component in their recipes. Whether you need a couple of drums or a full truckload, you can rely on Factory Direct for as much or as little of our food-grade, organic, non-GMO white distilled vinegar as you need.

  • ORGANIC, NON-GMO, FOOD-GRADE, WHITE DISTILLED VINEGAR. Raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized: our 300 Grain (30%) vinegar skips unnecessary processing and filter to remain in its natural state. This vinegar is certified organic by QAI.
  • MADE FROM SUGAR CANE ETHANOL. This white distilled vinegar is made from syrup from organically grown sugar cane, which is fermented into vinegar.
  • A KEY INGREDIENT FOR YOUR ORGANIC RECIPE. We’ve delivered our non-GMO, organic vinegar to organic bakeries, breweries, sauce makers, and other food manufacturers and processors.
  • AVAILABLE FOR BULK PURCHASE. Factory Direct carries wholesale food-grade vinegar (both white vinegar and apple cider vinegar) in drums, totes, and pallets. Contact us to place a custom order or to learn more about your options.

Certified U.S.D.A OrganicSafety Data Sheet

Farmer TracktorPure organic goodness.

Our 300 Grain strength vinegar is derived from sugar cane syrup. Certified organic by Quality Assurance International, this white distilled vinegar skips unnecessary processing to remain food-grade for commercial and industrial use. 

industrial baking facility

Perfect for bakeries and factories.

Food processors and manufacturers rely on our authentic and unfiltered white vinegar as a key ingredient in their recipes. No matter your industry, Factory Direct Chemicals will ship our organic, non-GMO, white distilled vinegar wherever (or however) you need it.

Use with caution. Mix with water to dilute. 30% vinegar is six times stronger than regular white vinegar (5%).
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