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100% Pure Tung Oil Wood Finish & Natural Sealer
100% Pure Tung Oil Wood Finish & Natural Sealer
100% Pure Tung Oil Wood Finish & Natural Sealer
100% Pure Tung Oil Wood Finish & Natural Sealer
100% Pure Tung Oil Wood Finish & Natural Sealer
100% Pure Tung Oil Wood Finish & Natural Sealer
100% Pure Tung Oil Wood Finish & Natural Sealer

100% Pure Tung Oil Wood Finish & Natural Sealer

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Get a darker, richer, natural glow
pure tung oil

For a radiant antique finish that grabs everyone’s attention, use 100% Pure Tung Oil Finisher. Made from premier tung crops;

100% Pure Tung Oil Finisher brings out the natural beauty of any surface

, adding a rich, darker finish without the use of solvents or varnishes.

100% Pure Tung Oil Finisher penetrates surface fibers, opting for natural radiance instead of an artificial gloss. It also creates a strong and beautiful barrier that protects the surface from acid, water, and grease. Use it on any surface imaginable — from cutting boards to kitchen tables to wood instruments.

  • GET A WARM, RICH FINISH. 100% Pure Tung Oil Finisher adds depth for an antique-style finish. Creates a hand-rubbed look on wood surfaces.
  • NO ADDITIVES, SOLVENTS OR VARNISHES. Pure tung oil adds depth without using solvents or additives. Gives the surface a rich, almost wet look.
  • DRIES FASTER THAN OTHER OILS. Compared to linseed, soy, and walnut oils, tung oil finish dries fast for remarkable turn-around time.
  • FORMS A MOISTURE-RESISTANT BARRIER. Tung oil keeps alcohol, grease, food oil, acid, and water from ruining the surface.
  • FINISH NEARLY ANY SURFACE. Use tung oil for wood, concrete, brick, and stone. Works on pine, oak, cedar, cherry wood, cedar, and other wood surfaces.


Warm, rich, radiant finish.
tung oil wood finish

Woodworkers, homeowners, and carpenters love tung oil. A light, flexible oil that doesn’t contain toxic or harmful additives, tung oil takes the top spot over linseed and walnut oil for many applications. Tung oil seeps deep into wood fibers, drying and creating a glow that originates from the core, not from a sticky, shiny overcoat. With tung oil, you can get a dark, rich finish that anyone will notice from a mile away. 


versatile wood finisherWorks on all types of wood.

Tung Oil will create that antique glow you’re looking for. Works on wood, concrete, brick, metal and more. Perfect for red oak, redwood, walnut, mahogany, cherry, white ash, hard maple, white pine, and more.

polished table

Liven up any piece.

Bring a natural glow to any coffee table, dining room table, hardwood floor, bench, shelf, bowl, wood rifle, bookcase, chair, headboard, patio, etc.

solvent free wood finisherNo solvent, dyes, or inhibitors.

Unlike oil-varnish and pure varnish blends, tung oil brings out the natural beauty of the wood without any toxic additives.

fast drying wood finisher

Dries and cures naturally.

Tung oil goes in the wood, not on it. Give the oil about a half a day to dry, but the final results will have you wondering why you used anything else before.

Tips For Best Results
  • Typically two to three coats will deliver the best results.
  • Use in a warm and well-ventilated area for quicker drying time.
  • Mix tung oil with a citrus solvent or mineral spirit for faster drying.


For a smoother texture, sand down wood, if possible. Apply tung oil to the surface, wait 20 to 30 minutes, then wipe away excess oil. Most wooden surfaces will need time to penetrate into the wood. Wait for 12 to 24 hours to apply another coat.

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