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100% PURE Aluminum Sulfate, DRY ALUM CAS# 16828-12-9


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  • Water and Wastewater Treatment - BOD Removal - Chemically Enhanced Primary Treatment - Coagulation / Flocculation Agent - Color Reduction - Disinfection Byproduct Control - Oily Waste and Heavy Metal Separation - Stormwater Treatment - Struvite Control - Suspended Solids Removal - Total Organic Carbon Removal / Reduction - Water Clarification
  • Papermaking - Paper Sizing - Retention Aid / Drainage Aid
  • Environmental - Algae Control - Lagoon Treatment - Lake Treatment and Restoration - Phosphorus Control / Inactivation
  • 100% PURE! USED as a mordant in dyeing and printing textiles
  • CONVENIENT resealable bottle!

Aluminium sulfate is soluble in water and is mainly used as a flocculating agent in the purification of drinking water and waste water treatment plants, and also in paper manufacturing. Aluminium sulfate is used as a mordant in dyeing and printing textiles. In dyeing and printing cloth, the gelatinous precipitate helps the dye adhere to the clothing fibers by rendering the pigment insoluble. Aluminium sulfate is sometimes used to reduce the pH of garden soil. In the construction industry, it is used as waterproofing agent and accelerator in concrete. Another use is a foaming agent in fire fighting foam. It is also used in styptic pencils, and pain relief from stings and bites.


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