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About Factory Direct Chemicals

At FDC, We Treat Our Customers Like Royalty

About Factory Direct Chemicals of Copiague, New York

Factory Direct Chemicals has become a top resource for janitorial, wastewater, plumbing and facility maintenance products in the United States and Canada. We provide specialty chemicals and factory maintenance products for hard-working individuals and business owners at affordable prices.

Quality customer service is our number one priority

At Factory Direct Chemicals, we like to describe ourselves as a “big small business.” We’ve come a long way since we first opened our doors in 2006, extending our reach far beyond the state lines of New York. But no matter how much we expand, it’s our number one goal to remain approachable and stay grounded to provide out-of-this world service to our customers.

It’s no wonder that we’ve been chosen by hospitals, schools, colleges, daycares, cleaning contractors and many others, time and time again.

Are you a maintenance worker? Homeowner? Commercial facility manager? You deserve fast-acting chemical products, as well as exceptional customer service. When you order from Factory Direct Chemicals, you’ll get both.

3 undeniable reasons to choose Factory Direct Chemicals:

At Factory Direct Chemicals, we’re committed to providing the absolute best customer service and the most effective chemical products on the market--all at a competitive rate.

Whether you’re ordering from us for the first time or ordering a chemical in bulk, expect nothing short of exceptional customer support from our staff members. We’ve become a top resource for many, simply because:

  1. We’re comprised of compassionate people. Everyone on our staff--from our dedicated customer service agents to our knowledgeable product specialists--strives to provide the absolute best experience for our customers.
  2. We’re flexible for your needs. Need a custom-sized bottle? Or a private-label product with your logo and brand? We’re more than happy to accommodate your requests.
  3. Our phone lines are open. You will always get a LIVE person on the other end of the line when you call us during business hours (Monday thru Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST).

Who do we serve?

Everyone is our customer at Factory Direct Chemicals! We fulfill the needs of homeowners, janitors, farmers, maintenance workers, floor care specialists and many others. Whether you’re a ordinary homeowner or a maintenance worker, you can trust Factory Direct Chemicals for the chemicals and maintenance products you need. For your added convenience, we can:

  • Create custom-sized containers to meet your specific needs
  • Private-label our products and add your logo and branding to the bottle
  • Sell pallet quantities at wholesale prices

The Bottom Line...

It doesn’t matter who or where you are. You’ll always get the attention you deserve when you order from Factory Direct Chemicals. Place an order directly from our website or contact us if you have any questions.