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Wastewater & Sewage Treatment Supplies

Treating sewage is a big priority. It’s absolutely important that maintenance of wastewater sewage is conducted properly in order to maintain a clean environment. Contamination and certain bodily illness can be the consequences if neglected. That’s why Factory Direct Chemicals makes it our priority to supply the best solutions for treating thousands of gallons of wastewater sewage. From water tracing dyes to help you determine flowtime studies to inspecting septics and determining the overflow analysis, this is where you need to shop! We have a fully-stocked selection of soluble wastewater digestants and deodorizers that are available at wholesale prices. Browse our selection of enzyme blocks and eco-friendly degreasers here!

Wholesale Cleaning Products for Lift Stations

Lift stations are typically in the market for these kinds of supplies. Keeping a clean environment is crucial for such operations and is why it’s often necessary to elevate sewage waste over a ridge against gravity to get it to where it needs to be. Sewage needs to meander beneath the population and in such cases, gravity isn’t always our friend! Even though it's sewage waste, the pipes still need to be kept clean. If left unchecked, contamination could run amuck.

Shop Our Bulk Supply of Discharge Degreaser

We offer all of our wastewater and sewage treatment supplies in bulk at wholesale prices. Factory Direct Chemicals also offers pails & drums of our DISCHARGE floating lift station degreaser which is a popular with many industries because of its all-natural solution that keeps surfaces free from grease without leaving any residue behind.