Concentrated Vinegar

Vinegar for Household & Commercial Use

Vinegar has been applied to hundreds of uses and could be considered one of the most versatile substance to stock for household or commercial use. Best known as an all-purpose cleaner, vinegar can be used to clean countertops, shelves, and walls when it’s mixed with the right amount of water. Vinegar is good for eliminating stubborn stains and odors too. The best feature about vinegar that most commercial businesses appreciate is that it’s an eco-friendly & natural product which replaces a wide variety of synthetic chemicals.

20% and 30% Pure Organic Vinegar at Wholesale Prices

Factory Direct Chemicals has 3 different concentration grains of vinegar for you to choose from. For heavy-duty industrial purposes, select our 30% Vinegar solution that is sure to give you the amount of power you’re looking for. Use this for cleaning up in hospital labs and manufacturing plants and around the home and garden. For a milder solution, look to our 20% or 10% vinegar. Dilute it with water to alkalize the acidity in this solution a bit more. Use this option for household use or for largely populated areas like schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and bathrooms. Purchase either of these in bulk at a wholesale price to get true savings. Shop Factory Direct Chemicals’ selection of Green Gobbler 30% Pure Natural Vinegar or our line of Organic Vinegar that’s also available for home and garden use. Purchase it by the gallon, case, drum, tote, or even tanker load. 

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