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Green Gobbler Rust Away | Multipurpose Rust & Iron Stain Remover
Green Gobbler Rust Away | Multipurpose Rust & Iron Stain Remover

Green Gobbler Rust Away | Multipurpose Rust & Iron Stain Remover

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rust away easy application process


Hard water can wreak havoc your precious porcelain. Protect your throne with Rust Away, a rust and iron stain remover. We’ve made it easy to fight iron oxide. Just pour one pack into your toilet and watch the stains you never thought would disappear fade away in just a couple of hours.

Green Gobbler has an easy solution for hard water stains, and it’s name is Rust Away. Our revolutionary formula lifts away rust and iron stains in your toilet, sink, tile and tub. Our product comes with 6 pre-measured pacs, so you don’t have to worry about pouring or measuring and making a mess. It’s so much easier than investing in an expensive water treatment system. We promise.

  • Fights rust stains in toilets, sinks and on tile
  • Removes unsightly toilet rings in just a couple hours
  • Can be used on tile stains by mixing with water


Toilet: Pour packet into toilet bowl, sink or bathtub. Wait two hours, then flush. Note: If stains are above water line, use a toilet brush to soak the stains after pouring in the packet.

Toilet Water Tank: Pour one packet into holding tank. Wait 2 hours, then flush toilet 3 times. Note: On rare occasions, certain types of metal drain stoppers can discolor. To prevent discoloration, coat the metal drain surfaces with Vaseline before use.

Porcelain sinks, tubs & tile shower floors: Use a drain stopper to cover drain. Fill sink, tub or shower with enough water to cover the stained areas. Pour one packet into the water and let sit for two hours. Release drain stopper and rinse surfaces with clean water. Note: Use two packets for severely stained tubs.

Exterior surfaces: Add one packet to one gallon of water and apply generously with cloth, sponge, brush or mop. Let stand until rust stains fade, then rinse with clean water. Avoid contact with vegetation.

What are the ingredients in Rust Away Rust and Iron Stain remover?

Rust Away Rust and Iron Stain remover is proprietary non-caustic blend with sodium bisulfate and sodium louryl sulfate base.

What will Rust Away Rust and Iron Stain remover work on?

Bathroom Sinks, Bathtubs, Toilets, Shower Tiles, Toilet Water Tanks and Kitchen Sinks.

Is Rust Away Rust and Iron Stain remover safe for all types of pipes and drain systems?

Yes. It won’t harm or affect the pipes in any negative way.

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