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Snow and Ice Melt

Keep roads, driveways, and parking lots ice-free with Factory Direct Chemicals’ line of Snow & Ice Melt. Stock up with our 35% Liquid Calcium Chloride De-Icer available by the gallon or our 96% Pure Calcium Chloride Pellets that are available by the 5-gallon pail. While salt is typically the most popular de-icing agent, Factory Direct Chemicals’ chloride pellets can melt snow and ice up to -40 degrees. It’s colorless, so no one has to worry about tracking it into their car, home, or your establishment. Most importantly, it’s gentle on the environment. It won’t eat away at any vegetation or concrete. Mixed with the right amount of water, the concentrated de-icer can be sprayed on roofs to prevent snow from weighing down and caving in. It’s also great for dust control, keeping dirt on the ground.

Melt Ice 3 Times Faster With Pure Calcium Chloride Pellets

Factory Direct Chemicals’ Pure Calcium Chloride Pellets can generate enough heat to melt in temperatures as low as -40oF. It’s an eco-friendly way to keep your parking lots and driveways safe while still being gentle on vegetation. So you can rest easy knowing that it won’t destroy shrubs, lawns, or flowerbeds. Do away with salt and use these heating pellets on your sidewalks, porch, patios and even your roof to avoid it from caving in due to heavy amounts of snowfall.

Order your supply of Pure Calcium Chloride Pellets and other Factory Direct Chemicals ice melt products today!