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Buying Raw Chemicals Online

Shop Factory Direct Chemicals’ wide selection of raw materials that can be used in a multitude of different ways. If you are looking to build your own line of cleaning materials, whether it’s for everyday household cleaning or heavy-duty industrial use, you will surely find the type of raw material you’re looking for here! Factory Direct Chemicals have all of the raw materials to help make your business thrive. From cleaning materials to supplying the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, our line of pure aluminum sulfate, boric acid, copper sulfate, pure soda ash, sodium hydroxide, oxalic acid powder and more can be purchased in 2 lb. containers or in bulk pallets & drums. Feel free to contact us for special requests! We have access to thousands of raw chemicals from hundreds of manufacturers.

Safely Storing Industrial Chemicals

One of the main concerns with storing chemicals is safety. With Factory Direct Chemicals, all of our raw chemicals are securely sealed with a screw-top packaging. This form of packaging ensures the prevention of leaks and spills. Even after you’ve opened the container, the resealable screw-top is sure to keep all of your raw chemicals safe and secure. Rest easy knowing that your employees, warehouse, and products are guarded with Factory Direct Chemicals’ line of screw-top packaging & tightly locking bucket lids. Safely store your supply of raw chemicals with Factory Direct Chemicals’ line of raw chemicals.

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