Pool Care

Pool Care Products

Maintaining the proper pH levels in a pool and spa is key to having a pleasant swimming experience. Keep the pHs levels in your pool and hot tub right where they need to be with Factory Direct Chemicals Pool & Spa pH increaser with Pure Soda Ash and Sodium Carbonate and Pool pH Reducer with Sodium Bisulfate. Keep the surface of your pool looking pristine with Factory Direct Chemicals’ Concentrated Pool & Spa Anti Foam Defoamer. With these products, your pool water will remain safe and sanitary. Guests can comfortably lounge in your pool and spa without irritating their eyes from the water.

Lower Your Pool & Spa Maintenance Costs With Wholesale Prices

Keeping your pool and spa at the right pH levels can become a costly expense. If you operate a facility that caters to a large number of people like a public pool, school, country club, apartment complex, hotel, motel, or even a waterpark, then the best thing you can do for your business is buy all of your pool and maintenance supplies at wholesale prices. When you purchase your pool maintenance supplies in bulk with Factory Direct Chemicals, you’ll have the opportunity to stock them at discount prices. Browse our selection and speak to one of our representatives to discuss which of these products qualify for a discount.