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Green Gobbler Powdered Urinal Clog Eliminator
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Green Gobbler Powdered Urinal Clog Eliminator

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urinal clog eliminator

Try Our Green Gobbler Urinal Clog Eliminator, a powerful eco-friendly choice for opening clogged urinal drains safely and quickly without calling a plumber. This product will break down calcium & mineral deposits, scale build-up, cigarette butts, sludge, hair, and paper products.  Green Gobbler's active ingredient acts as an emulsifier to liquefy solids that tend to cling to the inside of the pipes. Our formula is safe on pipes and friendlier for the environment.

Urinal Clog Eliminator Safety Data Sheet

easy to use
Easy to use

biodegradable drain opener
Friendlier for the environment

tested and approved
Safe on pipes and plumbing

    easy to use drain opener

    power meets green

    Dissolves organic material & waste

    Our Green Gobbler Urinal Clog Eliminator liquefies calcium scale, mineral deposits, hair, paper, and organic matter. It's an easier way to unclog your urinal pipes hassle free without calling a plumber.

    Easy to use & safe for the planet

    Our Green Gobbler Drain Urinal Clog Eliminator is a better answer for our rivers and marine life. No longer will you have to worry about damaging your pipes with caustic chemicals.

    drain opening products

    Directions For Use

    1) Dilute 1/2 pound of product in 16oz of warm water.
    2) Once the powder has dissolved, pour into the urinal.
    3) Allow the solution to sit for 45 minutes or as long as possible, then flush with the hottest water possible.

    NOTE: For severe clogs, dilute 1 pound of product in 16oz of warm water, pour dissolved mixture into the urinal and let the solution sit overnight, then flush with the hottest water possible.

    Future Maintenance Dosage: Apply once a month to maintain a clean & safe environment free from drain clogs.

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