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Green Gobbler REFRESH Garbage Disposal & Drain Deodorizer

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Hit the refresh button on your smelly drain.

  • Uses powerful enzymes to digest food, waste and other organic material
  • Deodorizes and cleans simultaneously and leaves a refreshing scent behind
  • Remains safe on pipes and septic systems for guilt-free use
  • NEW thickened formula clings to disposal blades and pipe walls
  • Comes in an easy-to-use and easy-to-pour bottle with measurement marks

That smell coming from your drain isn’t going to fade away overnight! If there’s food and grease trapped in your drain, get REFRESH, a powerful enzyme-based cleaner. REFRESH uses an ultra-thick formula to digest and liquify food, grease, fats and oils quickly.

REFRESH is safe on pipes and septic systems. It comes in an easy-pour bottle with measurement marks for accurate use. Once REFRESH has run its course, it leaves a refreshing scent behind. Talk about easy! Order today.


Garbage Disposals: Pour 6 to 8 oz in garbage disposal then cover drain and turn on disposal for 2 seconds. Leave product in disposal overnight then flush with hot water in the morning.

Drains: Pour 6 to 8 oz into drain and leave overnight. Flush with hot water in the morning.

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