Lubricants are a vital agent that has contributed to keeping the industrial manufacturing sector going for so many centuries. As technology continues to evolve, so does the many uses of lubricants, and Factory Direct Chemicals has them all! Shop from a wide selection of aerosol greasing solutions for general purposes, or for a more specific application like metalworking and coolant. We also offer a stock of silicone lube aerosol and gallons of multi-purpose protective coating solution. If you happen to be in the market for graphite lubricant or cutting and tapping oil, this is certainly a product that we have for you to order in bulk at a discount price.

Lubricants for Industrial Machines

It is imperative that industrial machines are consistently maintained. Keeping them properly lubed is key to a successful ongoing operation. For the sake of good business and most importantly, safety keep a bulk supply of Factory Direct Solutions’ brand of lubricants on hand. Select from industrial-strength aerosol applications to gallons of graphite and penetrating oil. Then top your engines off with a multi-purpose protective coating.

Specifically for Engines

Shop our selection of Engine Starter Aerosol, Fuel Aid Plus Fuel Injector Cleaner, Metalworking Coolant & Lube. With these lubricants, your engine will be protected from cold temperatures and from overheating.

Shop our entire selection of industrial-strength lubricants today!