Laundry Soaps and Detergents

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This particular line of detergents are mostly used by hotels, spas, hospitals, day care facilities, and nursing homes. Anywhere a massive amount of laundry is done on a frequent basis, Factory Direct Chemicals’ line of Simoniz laundry detergents can be purchased in 50 lb. pails, by the drum, or drum pallet. These detergents are suitable for all washable fabrics. Hotels and spas tend to favor the Clothesline Fresh Laundry Powder that’s ideal for towels and linen. If you prefer liquid laundry detergent, then look into our Simoniz Wash Plus Detergent that’s also available to you in bulk.

Purchase Industrial Laundry Detergent in Liquid or Powder

When it comes to purchasing a bulk amount of industrial laundry detergent, Factory Direct Chemicals makes the choice fairly simple for you: Would you prefer to stock a bulk of laundry detergent in powder or liquid form? Choose from our Simoniz Premium Blue Label, our only concentrated formula, or go with our Simoniz Clothesline Fresh which is only available by the 50 lb. pail or 100 lb. drum. Bear in mind that the Clothesline Fresh is not a concentrated formula. The Premium Blue Label only needs a ¼ cup for a full load with medium soil. It will take 1 ½ cups to wash 100 lbs at medium soil. If what you prefer is a liquid detergent, then purchase this by the 4-gallon case, 5-gallon pail, or 55-gallon drum.